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Asset Finance

We can help businesses not only raise money to buy equipment and assets but also to release capital from the assets they already own through our asset finance solutions.


Regardless of your size, or what sector your business operates in, if you are looking to add to or replace the assets that are critical to your business GrowNorth can help arrange the best possible asset finance.

Are any of the following scenario's applicable to you and your business? We can help :

  • You need or want to purchase equipment, machinery, plant, technology or vehicles to improve your business and your profits

  • You need to upgrade your equipment to win new contracts or meet new legislation

  • You want to import equipment from outside the UK

  • You need to invest in your infrastructure to keep up with, or pull ahead of, the competition

  • You want to lease rather than buy

  • You have assets you own which you wish to refinance

Refinance existing assets to raise funds

If you need an injection of cash for any reason, perhaps to pay or part-pay a loan or finance agreement or to pay for an expansion to your business, we can help you to raise money through refinancing your existing assets.

Your capital could be freed up immediately, offering you a way to generate finance quickly and efficiently. We can help you to identify assets that you can use and advise on the most appropriate deals and lenders in the market.


Perhaps most importantly, you naturally want the best rates and the most appropriate terms available to you on the market in all these scenario's…let us utilise our contacts and experience to do the work and create the solutions, you make the decisions.


Asset Finance: Projects
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