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Bridging & Commercial Property Finance

Sometimes known as short-term or auction finance, bridging loans can be useful to businesses in a number of different circumstances.

  • Auction purchases

  • Cash flow injection

  • Paying an urgent debt

  • Property development or conversion

  • Property purchase or re-finance

Bridging finance is a way of purchasing property or raising funds quickly, in some circumstances as quickly as 72 hours, for those financial needs that are urgent and potentially short term.

How could bridging finance help you?

GrowNorth work closely with our clients to understand what the short term funding requirement is, the likely term of the loan, how the loan will be repaid and any other requirements the client may have. We then tailor a facility to meet the clients’ needs.

The following options are available:

  • First and second charge loans

  • Funds available quickly

  • Flexible rates with interest roll up

  • Fees can be added in to the loan and spread

  • 100% funding available with additional security provided

  • Short and long term facilities available

  • Quick and simple application process with loans approved in 48 hours or less

We operate openly and transparently to encourage lenders to covet our clients’ business. This ensures we obtain fair and competitive terms and pricing for you.

Here at GrowNorth we can also arrange competitive commercial mortgages for any property type including:

  • Care homes

  • Hotels and licensed premises

  • Land & agricultural

  • Offices

  • Professional practice premises

  • Residential investment property

  • Retail and Commercial units

  • Semi-commercial premises with living accommodation above

  • Warehouses

Given GrowNorth are fully independent we have relationships with a whole range of lenders that offer various facility variations to suit your needs. 

All of our commercial property transactions are tailored around our clients’ needs and we can cover the entire range of mortgage options including:

  • Arrangement fees added to the loan

  • Fixed and variable rates
  • Government funding schemes and incentives
  • Repayment and Interest-only payment types

  • Short and long-term repayment programmes

  • Short term VAT loans available to avoid you having to fund the VAT on a property purchase from your business cash flow

  • Up to 80% funding may be available on an individual property and up to 100% funding with additional security provided

Refinance of commercial property

If you already own property for your business or investment purposes and you need to raise funds, we can discuss re-mortgage option - releasing funds quickly and efficiently.

Unlike residential mortgages, commercial loans can be used for a variety of purposes, including purchasing additional business premises, expanding your business, debt consolidation, cash flow and property development.

Pricing models can be complex and our lenders will consider a number of factors such as the security available, financial accounts, clients experience and credit history. GrowNorth only operates in unregulated products. 

Let us help guide you through.

Bridging & Commercial Property Finance: Projects
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