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Energy & Sustainability Review & Funding

Did you know that you can tackle the challenge of ever rising energy costs with an independent energy audit? Don't worry, the majority of business owners don't.

Businesses that spend more than £10,000 a year on their energy bills could benefit from an audit.

GrowNorth's energy audit service puts businesses in touch with our third-party suppliers, who can monitor your use and pinpoint where you could make savings.

But saving money isn’t the only benefit: becoming more sustainable can help businesses meet the latest energy legislation, explore new types of income, reduce uncertainty around energy prices and show commitment to the environment. A clear and demonstrable green policy in your business can assist in new client attraction.

If your independent audit result recommends benefits that an investment in green energy assets could be of benefit to you, GrowNorth can secure facilities to fund them. Be it going electric on your vehicles, being able to recycle more to avoid landfill or to enable the creation of your own energy to power your business....we can help.

So, interested in looking in to how you can save money whilst also improving your green footprint ? Why to us today.

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Energy & Sustainability review: Project
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