Full Banking Review

Do you feel that your bank have lost interest in you or your business? Or are you fed up of them holding all the cards ?

Over the last few years major UK banks have moved more and more towards managing a higher percentage of their customers via faceless call centres or central hubs.

Our experience tells us that this impersonal business model is not something business owners like - it makes it difficult to get hold of someone to help you....and often you no longer have a Relationship Manager with whom you build trust and can rely upon.

If that's the case, and relationships in banking no longer matter, then why not review your facilities ?  There may be better pricing, service or both out there for you.

At GrowNorth we can independently review your facilities and help you manage dialogue with a number of major and challenger banks......your business should be coveted and these days switching banks is simple and pain free.

Don't let your bank be complacent - it costs you time and money. Let us take a look.