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Vendor Finance Schemes & Receivables Funding

Our aim is to help make it easier for you to sell your products and services and get more clients to buy from you.

If you want to give your clients financial flexibility, Vendor Finance can help meet their needs. 


We work with a range of funders, providing retail vendors of all types of assets options to their clients, helping to increase sales and strengthen relationships.   

Vendor funding provides mutual benefits for you and your clients. Price is a major consideration in any sale, but a lack of budget doesn’t have to reduce people’s ability to buy from you. Offering an affordable way to purchase products and services, whilst spreading the cost, helps you to speed up the sales process, increase sales and improve cashflow.

Your business could be suitable for Vendor Finance if you: 


  • have business customers who want to buy from you but can’t afford an immediate cash purchase

  • want to increase your sales and improve your cashflow


Vendor Finance has the following features and benefits:

  • Makes your product or services accessible to more businesses, increasing sales

  • You can offer your clients financial options, so they can buy your products

  • Helps to improve your sales, cashflow and profitability

  • Reduces your sales cycle

  • Improves your customer service and strengthens relationships

  • Provides the convenience of a one-stop shop and easy payments

  • Establish a subscription model to assist longer term retention 

  • You can remove the challenge of managing your own finance solutions

  • You can save time chasing customers for payment


We understand the challenges you face, which means we can provide the right vendor financing to your business.

Do you have your own services agreements you offer your customers? You could realise the value of your contracts in advance through selling the receivables, giving you the cash to reinvest and grow.

Interested ? Talk to us today. 

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